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Premium Lawn Care

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Next Level fertilizing, weed control and pest control for your lawn.

Serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Ancaster, Stoney Creek and Niagara

We've developed the best lawn care programs available.

At GroGreen Lawn Care, we've put decades of experience in the lawn and landscape industry into developing the best, most comprehensive lawn health care programs available. We start with your soil, the foundation of a healthy lawn, and work our way up. Every program is composed of 9-12 different products that are carefully selected, blended and applied by our  professional licensed applicators to make your lawn glow! 

Nutrient Pro Program

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Premium turf nutrition with 6 visits, including 4 weed control, micro-nutrients and soil/root stimulants. A superior program for high maintenance or irrigated lawns focusing on plant health and a lower tolerance for weeds and disease.

* Pricing is based on actual sq.ft. Other programs are available.

Add to your Program:

A lawn aeration will reduce the compaction on the surface of the soil and will stimulate root growth as well as allow water, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil. GroGreen Lawn Care offers both Liquid and Core Aeration.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June bugs and European chafers. These insects feed on the roots of your grass causing areas to be damaged and die off.

GroGreen Lawn Care uses a very specific beneficial nematode blend to help combat grubs. We have been using our process for over 10 years with great results.

GroGreen Lawn Care can fertilize your trees and shrubs as well! We use the soil drench method, as recommended by the ISA. Proper nutrition to your trees, shrubs and other landscape plantings helps them withstand insects and disease.

Over-seeding is the process of spreading a high quality grass seed over an existing lawn. Over-seeding will help thicken your lawn and reduce bare spots. It will increase weed resistance as well as introduce different turf cultivars that are more resistant to pests and disease.

We have 5 seed blends available to choose from when over-seeding and will carefully select a blend best suited to your lawns requirements. Over-seeding is often done alone, but is greatly enhanced by topdressing.

Topdressing is a tried and true way to improve your lawn. GroGreen Lawn Care topdresses with a high quality black soil which is light, fluffy and full of organic matter. Made of black loam, peat loam, well-composted manure and mineral soil, it is the perfect way to add missing nutrients and organic matter to your lawn and will dramatically increase germination when seeding. In most situations, topdressing is usually combined with over-seeding.

The GroGreen Difference:

Premium slow release fertilizers.

We use a combination of phosphate free granular and liquid fertilizers to spoon feed your lawn all season long. Liquids allow us to customize applications based on weather patterns.

Full Coverage Weed Control. 

Our weed control applications are blanket applications, meaning we spray your entire lawn. This ensures that all weeds - big and small - get exposed to our Fiesta Weed control.

Soil and Root Stimulators. 

We use a proprietary blend of humic acid, sea kelp extract, micronutrients and other supplements to feed your soil and turbocharge your lawn. These are included with every liquid application.

Professional Applicators 

Our uniformed and licensed applicators will analyze your lawn, email you a report, close your gate and clean up after every application. Your lawn will be in good hands.

Some of the beautiful lawns we care for:

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