Box tree (Boxwood) Moth

Box tree (boxwood) Moth Control

The Box Tree Moth, scientifically known as Cydalima perspectalis, is a significant pest that has recently emerged in Ontario, posing a threat to boxwood plants, a popular choice for hedges and ornamental gardening. Native to East Asia, this invasive moth was first detected in Ontario in 2018, raising concerns among horticulturists and gardeners due to its potential to cause extensive damage to boxwood species.

The adult Box Tree Moth is recognizable by its white wings with a distinctive brown border, while its larvae are green and yellow caterpillars that feed voraciously on the leaves and bark of boxwood plants, leading to defoliation, dieback, and, in severe cases, the death of the plants. The rapid life cycle of the moth, which can produce multiple generations in a single season, exacerbates the potential for widespread infestation and damage.

In 2023, GroGreen Lawn Care developed a program to control Boxtree moth in residential landscapes using approved chemical and biological controls. Preventive control of this pest is vital to the survival of any boxwoods you currently have on your property is 2024 and beyond. Please contact us for more information.