Commercial Services

We've developed the best lawn care programs available.

GroGreen Lawn Care has put 20+ years experience in the lawn and landscape industry into developing the best, most comprehensive lawn health care programs available. We start with your soil, the foundation of a healthy lawn, and work our way up. We can say with confidence that you won’t get a better lawn care program.

Our Commercial Services Include:

Commercial Lawn Care Programs

GroGreen Lawn Care can customize our lawn care programs to suit your or your clients needs. We can service your residential client list, multi-residential units and all types of businesses.

Fiesta Weed Control

If all you need is weed control to compliment your in-house fertilizer applications, GroGreen Lawn Care can help! We always add soil and root stimulators to our weed control applications which improves the  performance of both the Fiesta and your fertilizer applications. 

Tree and Shrub Care

Improve the health of trees and shrubs on your commercial properties with our Tree and Shrub Care service. We offer season long fertility through soil drenches and specialty bark and foliar fertilizer applications. We can also reduce transplant shock with mycorrhizal applications to your landscape construction projects, saving you money on plant warranty claims.

Topdressing and Overseeding

The best way to drastically improve a problem lawn is through topdressing and overseeding. GroGreen Lawn Care has the equipment to quickly and efficiently topdress and overseed all sizes of residential and commercial properties. We only use black loam when topdressing which adds organic matter to the soil and retains moisture, improving seed germination.

Soil Testing, Pest and Disease Diagnosis

GroGreen Lawn Care can identify problems with your clients lawns and make recommendations through soil testing and visual diagnosis. Soil testing is done through our accredited soil laboratory partners and gives us a detailed analysis of the soil profile, allowing us to correct any problems or deficiencies. Our trained staff will identify any pests or disease and make recommendations to remedy any problems.

Image is just as important as results

We understand that when we are on your clients properties we are representing you and your company. Our goal is to be at least one step more professional than the best companies we represent. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Sparkling clean, late model trucks, trailers and equipment
  • Keeping our tanks and equipment clean of iron staining
  • Premium clean uniforms on our employees
  • Training of our employees how to interact with clients and the general public about the work we do, the chemicals we use and how to properly escalate concerns 
  • Following all laws and regulations regarding fertilizer and pesticide use
  • Blowing off all walkways and driveways after fertilizing
  • The use of traffic cones, hazard lighting

How we report

When GroGreen Lawn Care performs services on any property, we use a digital work order system. This system records time and date of services, services performed any technician notes. In addition to any signage required by law, we can report our services to you and your clients through:

  • Custom co-branded door hangers
  • Custom co-branded automated emails to your customers, either to all customers or on a case by case basis
  • Daily emailed summaries to your office
  • Updating a Google Sheet (spreadsheet)
  • Entering times into your own job tracking software (subject to review)

We'd love to work with you!

Please contact our office at if you would like to discuss how GroGreen Lawn Care can take your clients lawns to the next level. Our job is to make you look good!