Mosquito & Tick Control

Mosquito Control

Kick mosquitoes to the curb with fast-acting pest control from GroGreen Lawn Care. Whether you need a one-time treatment for a special event on your property, or just want to enjoy a summer without mosquitoes, we have mosquito control for every occasion. We use a combination of organic and chemical controls depending on your needs and situation. Treatments typically last 30 days.

Tick Control

Like mosquitoes, ticks are transmitters of disease and they are becoming a greater issue every year. Tick-borne disease is extremely dangerous because they affect tens of thousands of people throughout Canada every year. Unlike mosquitoes, ticks do not grab a blood meal and go on their way. Ticks have beak-like projections that plunge into the skin of their host. Depending on its type, a tick may feed on the host’s blood for hours, days, or even weeks.