Soil Testing

Why should I test my soil?

Do you have a problem lawn that no one has been able to fix? Many lawn care services will simply throw more fertilizer at a problem hoping it will go away. This could be a short term fix, but make the situation worse in the long run.

Soils can vary greatly from home to home, even in the same neighbourhood. Nutrient levels can become depleted or imbalanced over time due to over or under fertilizing, the use of irrigation systems or major changes in the landscape. Quite often, acidity levels (pH) can be too high (alkaline) or too low (acidic) which will affect the ability of your turf to absorb nutrients from both fertilizers and the soil. 

At GroGreen Lawn Care, we include soil testing with all of our lawn care programs. We take a sample from your soil, send it to an accredited agricultural laboratory, then share the results with both you and our technicians. 

Your test results enable our trained technicians to adjust your fertilizer applications or add necessary micro-nutrients to liquid applications to meet the requirements of your lawn. If there are nutrient imbalances in your lawn that can’t be corrected by fertilizer alone, we have a tool-box of solutions including liquid and granular soil amendments and pH adjusters that will get your soil health back on track.

Some solutions advised by the test may be beyond the scope of our usual lawn care programs. If there are any additional costs for recommended products, these will be clearly outlined and you will be provided with a quotation.

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