Why should I topdress my lawn?

Topdressing is a tried and true way to improve your lawn. GroGreen Lawn Care topdresses with a high quality black soil which is light, fluffy and full of organic matter. Made of  black loam, peat loam, well-composted manure and mineral soil, it is the perfect way to add missing nutrients and organic matter to your lawn and will dramatically increase germination when seeding. In most situations, topdressing is usually combined with over-seeding.

We topdress your lawn using a mechanical spreader designed to spread soil. This process ensures an even, clump free distribution of the soil. By spreading mechanically rather than by hand or shovel, the topdressing works it’s way through the grass to the surface of the soil rather than matting down blades of grass.

We apply topdressing at a rate of just over 1/4″, which works out to approximately 1 cubic yard per 1,200 sq.ft. 

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