Tree and Shrub Care

Soil Drench Fertilization

Soil drench fertilization is a highly effective method of delivering nutrients directly to a plant's root zone, ensuring optimal growth and health. This technique involves diluting a liquid fertilizer with water and pouring it around the trunk and base of a plant, allowing the nutrients to seep deep into the soil. It's particularly beneficial for trees and shrubs that need a rapid nutrient boost, as it bypasses the slow process of topsoil nutrient absorption. Soil drenching can also reduce the risk of nutrient runoff and evaporation, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly fertilization method.

Soil drenching and deep root fertilization are both effective methods for delivering nutrients to plants, but each has its advantages depending on the situation and objectives. Soil drenching is often considered better than deep root fertilization for several reasons:

  1. Ease of Application: Soil drenching is relatively simple and can be done without specialized equipment. 
  2. Immediate Availability of Nutrients: Soil drenching allows nutrients to be more immediately available to the plant's root system, as the nutrient solution is absorbed through both the root zone and the soil surrounding it. This can be particularly beneficial for plants showing signs of nutrient deficiencies that need quick intervention.
  3. Reduced Risk of Root and Irrigation System Damage: Deep root fertilization involves injecting nutrients into the soil at a higher pressure and deeper level, which carries a risk of damaging roots and irrigation systems if not done correctly. Soil drenching is less invasive and poses minimal risk to the plant's root structure.
  4. Versatility: Soil drenching can be used for a wide range of plants, including delicate or young plants where deep root fertilization might be too intense. 
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Deep root fertilization is very labour intensive and can take up to an hour per individual tree. Soil drenching has been proven to be effective with a fraction of the time involved. It is the preferred method by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
Tree and Shrub Pest control

GroGreen Lawn Care has the ability to control a wide range of tree, shrub and landscape pests. While our controls are limited due to the Cosmetic Pesticide Ban, alternative and biological controls are available for many pests.